Our history

The history of Terroir & Tradition is closely linked to that of Château Carignan, located on the right bank of Bordeaux, and built in 1452. As a trading company backed by the Château, Terroir & Tradition has become a specialist in the finest Bordeaux wines and, more recently, in all the world-renowned fine wines.


Welcome to Terroir & Tradition, the sanctuary of fine wines since 1982! Our passionate team excels in the selection of rare gems and pearls from the terroirs of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the far-flung vineyards of Italy, Spain and beyond. Our expertise enables us to guide you through a gustatory journey, and offer you an exquisite choice from over 1500 references.

Our business

At Terroir & Tradition, the quest for exceptional wine is in our DNA. A long-standing partner of Château Carignan, built in 1452 on Bordeaux's right bank, our trading company has evolved to become a global benchmark for fine wines. We are committed to offering you a unique experience, guided by rigor, availability and a love of wine.

Immerse yourself in our world, explore our prestigious vineyards, and let our passionate team guide you. Each bottle tells a story, each sip evokes the art of terroir. Discover excellence, savor authenticity. Welcome to the exceptional, welcome to Terroir & Tradition.

Our expertise

Informed selection: Our experts scour the vineyards and emblematic châteaux of Bordeaux as well as confidential estates in Europe and beyond. Each bottle is the fruit of rigorous selection, guaranteeing an unrivalled taste experience.

Commitment to quality: We are committed to offering you irreproachable wines. Each vintage is carefully selected, reflecting our commitment to authenticity and excellence.

Personalized support: Our team is ready to listen and guide you through the world of fine wines. We are available to help you make your choice.

Reliable, efficient logistics: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We provide tried-and-tested, secure logistics, guaranteeing impeccable delivery so that every bottle reaches your cellar or table in the best possible condition.

Our team

At the heart of Terroir & Tradition, our team forms a family dedicated to the art of wine since 1982. Each of our members embodies passion and expertise, contributing to our shared history. From meticulous selection to commitment to quality, our team ensures an unparalleled taste experience.

Guided by a love of terroir and wine, we travel the world's vineyards, from the majestic châteaux of Bordeaux to the secret estates of Europe and beyond. Every detail, every choice reflects our dedication. Together, we contribute to an experience where terroir, tradition and innovation meet. Please contact us, and we'll share our passion with you.


Our commitments

Chez Terroir & Tradition, nous sommes…

At Terroir & Tradition, we are...

• Guided by unique know-how and expertise, from selection to delivery of exceptional wines

• Committed to offering you quality wines

• Available to accompany you at all times

• Rigorous and open-minded, to offer you wines from all horizons

• Efficient and responsive, thanks to tried-and-tested, secure logistics.